Low-Stim Metabolic Heat Stack

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Low-Stim Metabolic Heat Stack

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Embrace the synergy

Prepare yourself for a groundbreaking, metabolic transformation with the Low-Stim Metabolic Heat Stack! Unleash the synergistic power of three incredible products meticulously crafted to revolutionize and support your weight loss journey, elevate your energy levels just enough, and assist the metabolic process.

What sets this stack apart is its multi-faceted approach to addressing body fat. While the appeal of accelerating one’s metabolism is undoubtedly enticing for those with weight loss goals, the added benefits of increasing your body’s core temperature and leveraging a potent blend of non-thermogenic ingredients to target body fat makes this stack truly extraordinary! Elevate your journey today with the unparalleled power of the Low-Stim Metabolic Heat Stack, and unlock a new level of transformative results.


Introducing Mitoshape by Illicit Labs (formally known as Mitosculpt) – a revolutionary, stimulant-free metabolic formula meticulously crafted with cutting-edge ingredients to support your weight loss journey. At the heart of Mitoshape are two key ingredients: Mitoburn® and InnoSlim®, both included at their respective clinical dosage.

  • MITOBURN®: Mitoburn, a patented form of L-BAIBA, has gained popularity for its remarkable ability to regulate metabolism and increase energy expenditure. Previously, achieving elevated BAIBA levels required intense exercise, but with MitoBurn, this metabolic fire can now be ignited without breaking a sweat.
  • INNOSLIM®: The second star ingredient, InnoSlim, comprises a stimulant-free blend of NLF-05 Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. Together, they work wonders to support blood sugar and lipid metabolism through the adiponectin and AMPK signaling pathway.
  • POTENT SUPPORT: Furthermore, Mitoshape's formula is enriched with additional potent ingredients, such as Caralluma Fimbriata, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Coleus forskohlii, Gymnema sylvestre, Fucoxanthin, and ForsLean® (a trademarked material derived from Coleus forskohlii).

Mitoshape represents a compelling solution to the weight loss challenge, incorporating the latest advancements in weight management ingredients that have captivated health-conscious consumers. In a market overflowing with products centered around stimulant based ingredients, Mitoshape sets itself apart by providing a refreshing alternative for those seeking a gentler approach.


Since its release nearly 10 years ago, Thermovex™ has earned itself quite the reputation with fitness-minded consumers nationwide. THERMOVEX 150™ delivers the same incredible ingredient profile that fitness-minded consumers nationwide have come to love but with less caffeine—150mg to be exact. Available in two mouth-watering flavors, THERMOVEX 150™ is an advanced thermogenic formula containing L-Carnitine, Alpha-GPC, Dynamine™, Advantra Z®, 150mg of caffeine, a host of potent B vitamins, as well as other proven thermogenic ingredients. Plus, it delivers 8g of fiber per serving.


Most take THERMOVEX 150™ 30 minutes prior to hitting their workout session, however, it can also be taken as a morning pick-me-up. Just swap your morning cup of coffee with THERMOVEX 150™ and get fired up for your day.


Introducing Lipotropic™ HEAT, a pre-cardio, metabolic formula that combines the fan-favorite Lipotropic formula with a unique heat blend. This stimulant-free powerhouse is specifically designed to help you maximize your cardio sessions and amplify your workouts. Lipotropic™ HEAT contains a host of sought-after ingredients, including L-Carnitine Tartrate and Chromium Picolinate, which have been studied in humans to yield optimal results. Additionally, Lipotropic™ HEAT contains GBBGO® and Grains of Paradise, two heat-producing ingredients that further elevate your body's core temperature, intensifying your workouts.


Lipotropic™ HEAT is versatile and can be mixed into your favorite pre-workout beverage or consumed on its own. And the best part? It's caffeine and stimulant free, making it ideal for those who want to work out later in the day without worrying about sleepless nights.

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